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Clarinets: Clarinet repads include new Premium quality Ferree double skin pads or Premium Ferree white leather pads or premium corks, body and oiling (wood only) and regulating.  Please see our Clarinet Questions and General Questions on our Q&A page.

Each and every Clarinet, Student to Professional, is inspected top to bottom, inside and out for any imperfections and can be corrected if they cause any issues with tone or playability.  Your clarinet is then meticulously worked on to bring it to top playing condition.

But having an instrument look great is not the only end product.  We will play your clarinet for 2-6 hours meticulously tweaking everything to make it the most beautiful sounding and smooth feeling that it can possibly be.  Initial test includes all extended scales, 3rd, 5th, 7ths, various trills, we then play through a repertoire which is recorded and reviewed for tonal irregularities.  If you have a particular piece you are fond of send it along and you can review the recording yourself before we carefully package it and ship it back to you for your enjoyment.

We only work on a couple instruments at a time to make sure each one gets the appropriate care and attention to bring them to optimum playing capability. We are not a repair house that churns out hundreds of repairs per month, so please contact us for a potential time slot.  We do cater to professionals and from time to time an Emergency repair may come in which may require all of our attention to turn around quickly.

Overall, the value you receive far exceeds the price you pay.  The individual attention given to your instrument is extraordinary and we believe you will believe the same when you receive your clarinet back into your hands.

Coming soon - improved materials - triple bladder and Valentino Master synthetic pads.   After research of synthetic pads we believe the Valentino Master Pads offer the best quality, best feel, best sealing and best longevity of any other pad on the market.  Read about them here.  The Valentinos are recommended for the upper joint, and they can fully replace cork pads.  There will be a $30 additional cost for Valentino Master Pads for the upper joint.  We will also be offereing triple bladder pads as an improvement over the double bladder pads we currently offer.

General Repairs

Even though we specialize in professional instruments we still sell and repair student instruments.  Generally, most quick minor repairs are done for $20 and we use the same high quality corks, felts, double bladder pads and attention to detail as in our professional services.

Most of these repairs are done for local beginner, student, college/university and professional players.  If you need a quick checkup, minor repair or anything even through a complete overhaul, please give us a call for an appointment. 

Please call Steve at 248-242-3998  or email at

Bb Clarinet Professional Artist Overhaul/Refurbishment

Bladder pads All White Leather pads Premium White Leather pads with 6 Cork Pads Symphony setup
bladder with 6 cork
$325 $350 $425 $400

6 cork pad special consists of: Upper Joint: 4 trill keys, C#/G# and the register

The "Professional Artist" Overhaul provides the high caliber artist with a clarinet that not only plays in better-than-new-condition but also looks as good as new.  If there are any major issues the customer will be contacted. Additionally, each instrument is played for 2-6 hours to perfect the keywork, intonation and the clarity, tone and consistent backpressure.  You can expect your clarinet to be better than it ever sounded and felt in your hands.  Each clarinet is not sent out until it passes all of our quality control.

40% down requested/ the rest upon completion before delivery. Please contact Steve for more information.

Please add $22 for shipping

Other Repairs & Options

Overhauls for Eb sopranino, C clarinets and others are also available

Please contact Steve for more information.

Additional services available such as tenon replacement and undercut toneholes are available.  Undercutting toneholes s not recommended unless you clarinet plays sharp along all registers as it increases the volume of the instrument, thus making it play flatter.

All wood clarinets are stabilized in temperature and humidity at approximately 65-70 degrees and 45-55% humidity for several days after receiving.  Humidity may be increased if the wood is fairly dry before body oiling.

We will not ship an instrument in weather under 30 degrees at shipping or receiving locations.

Certified Clarinets

Certified clarinets are being offered to provide you with the highest quality clarinet without a full overhaul. Certified clarinets may be shop clarinets or a customer option on their clarinet.  Prices may vary, ask Steve for a quote.

Certified clarinets will go through the following process:

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Please contact Steve for more information.


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